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Vetting, the Lost Art

Vetting a new partner is something we have lost as a society, not just in the BDSM community.  We see all the time a person ends one relationship to next week, or less, be chest deep in a new relationship and deeply in love. So, what is vetting and why is it so important? AccordingContinue reading “Vetting, the Lost Art”

Being a Good Slave

My inbox is usually messages by Doms(Not most of them know what the real meaning is) looking for slaves or slave boys looking for masters. And, these messages are usually continued with how they want to serve under me with the rules they believe they follow and the punishments and rewards they are entitled toContinue reading “Being a Good Slave”

BDSM Newbie guide

The following guide is our interpretation of some aspects of the lifestyle. It is by no means the law of the land, nor are you required to follow what this guide suggests. SCENE – A scene is an activity which has a definitive start and finishes time. A scene may take place anyplace at anyContinue reading “BDSM Newbie guide”

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